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The Owner Client:

One of our specialties is buying or managing aging Senior housing Communities in need of a turn-around.  Our experts have decades of successful experience turning building around to be successful, thriving communities again.

Our Client population is diverse, just like the opportunities in this quickly changing field!


​​We help organizations develop their ideas and hopes of profitable, successful Senior Housing communities to bring those dreams to fruition.  Whether our clients are just beginning to dream or are already up and running, our services are essential to navigating this complex industry.  Focused Senior Communities uses Geriatric Experts with many years of experience to guide each client to their desired and best outcome.  Just as business is always changing, the Senior Housing industry is different from one day to the next.  Complex legal, reimbursement, community, financial, construction and medical issues make hiring a knowledgeable team imperative.  The rewards can be high in the Senior Housing industry, but, without knowledge of the intricacies, there can also be considerable risk. 

Our client population is diverse.  From landowners wanting to partner to build Senior Housing on their land, to aging Skilled Nursing Communities needing assistance getting back to profitability, to Investment Companies looking to add assets for their customers. No two Client's are alike.  We can, however, often divide our Client's into three groups: 

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The Builder Client:

This client either owns or is buying land and thinks Senior Housing may be a development option.  Through our standardized process, we assess the needs, rates, types and levels of care that fit their needs best.  We are Developers, taking this idea and making it a magnificent, successful reality.

The Investor Client:

This Client has little desire to be involved in the day to day operations of Senior housing, but sees the great financial opportunities in the field.  We partner with this client to develop and manage a successful, passive income for them.

We would be happy to confidentially discuss your situation and ideas. 

FSC is here to help and are available to meet your needs.  Please call or e-mail for more information. 

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Types of clients: